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Display Options

Use display options (!displayoptions) to customise the way the calendar appears in your Discord server.

Display OptionUsageDescription
help!displayoptions help 0|1Hide/show help message
pin!displayoptions pin 0|1Disable/enable pinning
format!displayoptions format 12|2412h or 24h time display
tzdisplay!displayoptions tzdisplay 0|1Hide/show timezone
emptydays!displayoptions emptydays 0|1 Hide/show empty days
showpast!displayoptions showpast 0|1Hide/show past events on Today
trim!displayoptions trim <n>Trim event names to length n (0 = off)
days!displayoptions days <n>Number of days to display (Max. 25)
style!displayoptions style code|embedUse code (old) or embed (new) display styles
inline!displayoptions inline 0|1Makes embed display style use inline fields
description!displayoptions description 0|1Hide/show event descriptions (embed calendar style only)
url!displayoptions url 0|1Hide/show “location” as embedded link (embed only)
startonly!displayoptions startonly 0|1Only show start time for events
eventtime!displayoptions eventtime 0|1Show event time
desclength!displayoptions desclength <n>Limit description length (embed only)

Calendar Help Message

By default Niles displays a verbose message to help new users interact with the bot. This message can be toggled using !displayoptions help 0|1 where 0 is off and 1 is on.

Pin Calendar to Channel

By default, Niles will pin the calendar to the channel so it can be easily found. You can toggle this behaviour using !displayoptions pin 0|1.

Time Format

Change the format between using 12 or 24 hour time. 12 hour time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM 24 hour time: 11:00 - 15:00

Use !displayoptions format 12 or !displayoptions format 24

Display Timezone

Use !displayoptions !tzdisplay 1|0 to toggle the displaying of the timezone underneath the main calendar.

Hide/Show Empty Days

Use !displayoptions emptydays 0|1 to toggle whether days without events are shown or hidden.

Example Calendar with empty days hidden:


Hide/Show Past Events on Today

Use !displayoptions showpast 0|1 to toggle if events past the current time but on the current day are hidden or shown. i.e. use !displayoptions showpast 0 to hide Zoom Fitness Session on Monday, from 9:00AM-10:00AM after 10AM on Monday.

Trim Event Names to Fixed Length

Use !displayoptions trim <n> to trim the names of all events to the length n. This may be useful if you have long event names but want to keep your Calendar looking tidy. You can also use this option to reduce the length of your calendar if you are hitting the Discord character length limitations (2048 characters or 6000 characters depending on display style, see below).

Increase/Decrease Number of Days on Calendar

Use !displayoptions days <n> to choose the number of days that the calendar displays (Default = 7). Keep in mind the following Discord limitations:

  • Code [Default] style calendar - 2048 character limit per calendar
  • Embed style calendar - 6000 character limit per embed

See below for details on calendar styles.

Example embed style calendar !displayoptions days 14:


Change the Calendar Style

There are two supported display styles for Niles:

  • Code (default)
  • Embed

You can change between them using the !displayoptions style code|embed

Example code style calendar (!displayoptions style code):


Example embed style calendar (!displayoptions style embed):


Keep in mind the following Discord limitations:

  • Code [Default] style calendar - 2048 character limit per calendar
  • Embed style calendar - 6000 character limit per embed

Make Embed-Style Calendar ‘Inline’

If you are using the embed style calendar then you can use ‘inline fields’ to change how the days are displayed.

Use !displayoptions inline 0|1 (default = 0) to toggle this option.

Example embed style calendar with inline fields (!displayoptions inline 1):


Hide/Show Event Description

If you are using embed style calendar, you can enable/disable displaying of event descriptions.

Use !displayoptions description 0|1 to toggle this off/on. The descriptions will be as per the description field in Google Calendar.

Inline URL Title

If you are using embed style calendar, you can enable/disable embedded links

Use !displayoptions url 0|1 to toggle this off/on. The destination of the link will be any link that is in the “Location” field of Google Calendar

Adding URL to calendar event:


The title will be transformed into a link:


Show Start Only

use !displayoptions startonly 0|1 to toggle this off/on. Only the start time of the event will be shown - for ending multi-day events, the ending time will not be shown

Show Event Time

use displayoptions eventtime 0|1 to toggle this off/on. The event time will not be displayed if it is set to 0.

Limit Description Length

If you are using the embed style calendar and have descriptions on, you can limit the number of characters displayed.

Use !displayoptions desclength <n> to limit the description display to n characters.