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Self-hosting on Docker


  1. Create your ./secrets.json file as described in selfhost setup
  2. Make sure you also have a google service account file and/or a google oauth2 credentials file

Running Niles on Docker


  1. Create a folder on your local machine for Niles
  2. Copy your secrets and service account files and/or oauth2 credentials to this folder as secrets.json, niles-sa.json and niles-oauth.json respectively
  3. Start Niles with docker-compose up -d

docker command line

Assuming you are running from a directory with secrets.json, niles-sa.json and niles-oauth.json

docker run -d \
  --name Niles \
  -v ./secrets.json:/usr/src/niles/config/secrets.json \ 
  -v ./niles-sa.json:/usr/src/niles/config/niles-sa.json \
  -v ./niles-oauth.json:/usr/src/niles/config/niles-oauth.json \

System Requirements

Recommended OS for just running docker is Alpine Linux or Flatcar Container Linux

One CPU core should be enough for bots serving under 10 Servers